CCI Named to 20 Leading Companies of 2021

Mar 17, 2021 | Awards, Press Release

CCIntegration has a great track record of working with software companies. Our services are focused around designing and manufacturing the underlying hardware infrastructure (appliance, rack infrastructure) required to deploy our clients intellectual property (IP). We enable our customers to focus on their IP while they outsource the design, manufacturing, support and global logistics to CCI. Headquartered in San Jose, CCintegration is one of the longest-standing OEM integration companies in the U.S. today. Founded over three decades ago, the company is the fastest-growing company in the OEM integration space. It expanded to Europe in 2014 to fulfill its customers’ global needs.

CCIntegration (CCI) provides design, integration, support and logistics services for compute/storage-based systems. The company provides these services to software companies who deploy their solutions with system hardware. These systems can take the form of an appliance, rack infrastructure, or client devices. The company has a formidable reputation for providing advanced, integrated, turnkey, custom-logo brandedserver appliances. Today, CCI serves a wide range of vertical markets-and its expert technical staff delivers perfectly tailored, ultra-reliable products that support every customer’s unique solution deployment objectives. CCI’s key suppliers include the likes of Dell, HPE, Lenovo, SuperMicro, Lanner, Intel, VMWare, and Microsoft.

Anna Hung, CEOIn conversation with Anna Hung, CEO of CCIntegration Inc

What are your key vertical markets?
Our services are not necessarily tied to a vertical. But our current business and growth is focused around: Medical Equipment, Medical IoT, Communications, Artificial Intelligence, Network Security, Video Surveillance, Storage OEM’s and Gaming.

What’s driving your growth?
CCI is the fastest growing OEM systems integration company in the USA. Historically, the company grew its business through the startups in Silicon Valley. CCI transitioned to a Women Owned Small Business in 2019, and this has resulted in new opportunities for CCI through Supplier Diversity initiatives. Our suppliers also see tremendous value in what CCI does for its clients, and they continue to drive business to our company to drive customer satisfaction and time to market.

What are your key technology partnerships?
CCI goes to market with best-in-class technology vendors. With that said, we accommodate new suppliers based on the unique requirements of our clients. Our key suppliers include Dell, HPE, Lenovo, SuperMicro, Lanner, Intel, VMWare, and Microsoft.

How do you source quality individuals to maintain the quality of your services?
CCI is based in Silicon Valley. The company has access to the best talent in the business. Our growth and reputation have resulted in a build-out of our executive staff that is deployed across the country. We have the most senior staff in the business!

What is that one service, which your customers embrace ultimately?
At the core of what we do are supply chain management (inventory), manufacturing, and logistics. But surprisingly, we are winning larger customers based on our Logistics expertise. Logistics is the final critical part of our engagement model and we handle the intricacies of International Logistics flawlessly. First, we design products that are certified for the regions of the world the customer wishes to reach, and then we assure that these products comply with local regulations. Regional certifications are changing quickly with the EU (Lot 9) and Brexit. CCI stays on top of these changes and makes sure that the customer is not impacted as certifications change.

Do you have any new services ready to be launched?
The big trend in our market is to take on more engineering services around the hardware that clients have historically handled. This includes Software Image Creation, Self Validation of Software changes, and Performance testing. Expanding our engineering services offerings is currently underway and our customers love the services offered.

An additional service that we created in the market is our Virtual OEM model. This model focuses on our clients’ CFO goals to maximize profit margins and decrease the working capital of doing business. The basic service is that we take the physical hardware off the customer’s books and transact this certified platform directly with their clients. This model acts the same as our OEM model, except the end client transaction is handled by CCI. Removing the lower margin hardware business from our OEM customers books increases the profitability of the software transaction of our clients. This model continues to evolve as we engage more clients. The future goal is to get the model to a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model to move a Capital Expense (CAPEX) to an Operating Expense (OPEX) over a specified period of time for the end-user.

What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?
The industry’s concern has been the potential impact of Cloud, Saas, and Virtual Appliances on our business model. Our current customer base is embracing these elements but still requires performance at the edge, and they often build their own private cloud. This has resulted in continued growth for CCI and net new opportunities. Edge Compute and Storage requirements continue to grow, and we do not see that stopping any time soon.

The Leader Upfront
Anna Hung, CEO

Anna started her CCI career in 1992, working in the finance department. Within two years, it was apparent that her talents far exceeded finance and that moving to sales would fuel future growth for both herself and CCI. By 1998, she had not only climbed the ranks landing the role of COO but was also granted a minority stake in the company. Over the next eleven years, Anna became intimately knowledgeable with the engineering, operations, sales and finance details of the company. She eventually emerged as CCl’s CEO when the company’s founder, Hank Ta stepped down, giving Anna majority ownership of CCI. In 2019, she worked to certify CCI as a Woman Owned Business (WBENC), including an additional designation of Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB). These designations assist CCI in obtaining new clients who have a Supplier Diversity initiative.