CCI Value Proposition

Our customers are either established or startup software application development companies who want to bring their products to market efficiently, make the maximum profit, while keeping overhead costs low. Our customers receive a complete turnkey outsourcing model (Ready to Deploy) so they never ever have to deal with the hardware, logistics, or service issues for the deployed products.

Our customers can then focus on their core business—software application development. The CCI promise is to provide customers with a “Ready to Deploy” application platform.

CCI Has Expertise You Need

CCI provides two business engagement models—OEM and Virtual OEM. We provide:

  • Products that meet your price, performance, and global service needs.
  • Our clients’ end-customers with a superior out of box experience by providing ready-to-deploy solutions.
  • Brand protection—by providing our customers the right products and highest degree of quality in the industry.
  • Seamless transitions—to new technologies as they become available to the industry.

CCI Is Different (and Better)

  • Customer Web Portal – Our leading edge secure web portal enables customers better management of their businesses through a variety of robust tools, reports, and data. It shows status of inventory, tracks orders and shipments, manages forecasts, and produces reports to support your business.
  • Faster…Ask our customers!
  • Experience with established companies.
  • Experience with startup companies.
  • Factories in U.S.A. and Europe.