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The biggest mistake our clients make is selecting a support model they require at time of product design.  Support is often an afterthought and it should be a key consideration when designing a platform solution. Service is a critical cost component of the solution and should be evaluated at time of design to assure the technology partner you select offers a robust, global, service model.

Service models:

Onsite Global Service Model

The onsite service model is the most requested model in our service offering.  Our clients take first call and determine whether the issue is a software or hardware problem.  If hardware is the point of failure then the call is transferred to the service desk for deployment of parts and labor to repair the item.  This service is performed per the SLA purchased at time of order. The most requested support models are:

  • 3yr, Onsite, NBD, 365 days x 7 days x 24 hrs
  • 3hr, Onsite, NBD, 365 days x7 days x 24 hrs, Keep your hard drive
  • 3yr, Onsite, 4 hour, 365 days x24hrs x7 days

Support contracts are offered in customizable time frames. These support models terms are offered from 3 to 7 yrs.  Consult with your CCI representative for additional information.

Advanced Server Replacement (ASR)

ASR is a model that some customers employ to mitigate managing an onsite repair at their customer site. This model is different from onsite service and simply ships a complete system as the replacement for the failed system.  The customer receives the ASR unit, places the failed unit in the system box that was received and returns it to CCI (RMA shipping label provided).

CCI will evaluate and refurbish the failed unit once received and place into Customer Owned Inventory (COI) for future ASR requirements.