Technology changes are inevitable. Our engineers and program managers share information on platform and component changes on a quarterly basis, and typically give visibility to known changes at least 90 days in advance of an impact on your product. This advanced notice allows you to review pending changes and determine if they will have an impact on your software images, hardware requirements or deliverables. You can request new First Article (FA) systems to regression test and verify proper function of your solution.

Life cycles differ depending upon the platform you select. Server platforms typically offer a 3-year product life cycle, while client and endpoint devices tend to have shorter lifespans. Collaborative technology transition planning is an important service that our engineering team provides—it is critical to avoiding supply interruptions. We construct and maintain technology roadmaps for all products we sell. These roadmaps act as a planning guide for anticipating technology changes, then planning and migrating to next-generation platforms before they impact shipments.