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Global Logistics Strategies and Deployment—Across Countries and Continents

CCI can stock and ship customer products to any destination around the world using standard and overnight freight carriers. Whether the product is a single package or a fully integrated Rack of Equipment, CCI has the experience to get your product to its destination on-time with quality assured.

Warehousing and Logistics is critical to our client’s success. CCI develops inventory plans to assure our customers have the product necessary to meet their month- or quarter-end revenue shipments. CCI understands we are an extension of our customers operational model and we extend our quarter–end production hours to accommodate last minute orders from our clients.

For real-time updates on product shipment, we offer a customer web portal that will send automatic tracking, AES/SED, and pertinent product information (ie. Serial Number) to you, so you may forward necessary information to your customer.