CCI is committed to superior customer service not only throughout the product life cycle, but at the end of it as well. If desired, we can help you resell, recycle or return your excess computer equipment in a secure and environmentally conscious manner that complies with local regulatory guidelines.

Responsible disposal of your used technology with CCI is a simple, 3-step process:

  • Asset Removal – We take care of all the pickup logistics of the hardware you are retiring.
  • Data Security – We use an onsite data sanitization process on all used devices to protect you from accidental leakage of sensitive or proprietary data.
  • Resale and Recycling – After we have picked up and sanitized your systems, we will audit your equipment to determine the value. We then help you resell it to a third party. Equipment that has no residual value is recycled appropriately.

If you are leasing your equipment, CCI can help with that as well. First, we will come onsite and cosmetically grade your equipment. We then pack it and bring it to the processing center where data sanitization is performed. Finally, the equipment is cleaned and tested before being shipping back to the company from which you leased it.

No matter which service you use, CCI will provide you with a detailed status report on the data sanitization and outcome of each retired system. We also can provide a Confirmation of Disposal to verify that the sanitization was successful or that the drive was shredded to prevent data recovery in the case of a non-functioning drive and that all recycling met or exceeded local regulatory guidelines. In addition, for all equipment disposal we provide a settlement report which lists the resell value of each piece of resold hardware and documents any other disposed equipment.