Platform Selection

Our engineers use a collaborative onboarding process to determine the platform configuration elements that address the performance needs of your application software. Once the platform is identified, we provide system hardware to test and optimize the software application. You then provide us with the software image required for the CCIntegration factory load via Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) server or an ISO image file.


Most of our customers go to market with a hardware platform that is branded with their specific logos and model designations. Our branding services typically include customization across 3 main elements:


Customers can choose from a variety of existing standardized bezels, or our customization team can design a unique bezel to meet your branding requirements, based on your artwork and color choices.


For custom-branded packaging, simply provide your company logo images and specifications. Our customization team will produce test samples that meet your requirements and ship the solution in your custom-branded packaging.


Dell EMC system hardware is configured to have the OEM’s logo displayed at power-on/boot. Our customization team can modify the BIOS and ID Module to ensure that your branding is complete across all the elements of the system.