ISV / OEM Requirements Assessment and Design

CCI’s engagement models begin with carefully identifying our customers underlying requirements.

Our requirements process includes examining the following:

  • Product (s) specifications—address the performance, storage and deployment environment for the planned product.
  • DesignPrice/Performance—position solutions that address not only the product specifications but the market(s) factors served by our customers.
  • Optimal life-cycle—identify and understand the life-cycle requirements expected by the customer and position technology that best meets these needs.
  • Global certifications/compliance—customers who ship their solution on a global scale will need to be assured the products we provide offer the certifications for the countries served by our customers.
  • cci-branding2Custom Product/Packaging Branding Services—various Branding Services are available from CCI. These include custom branding for Systems, Packaging and Documentation materials.
  • DesignService-ability—many customers under estimate the importance of servicing the product in the field once launched. CCI works with the customer to understand what Service Level Agreement (SLA) the customer wants to offer their client. Global Support, Onsite Repair, Advanced System Replacement, or Return to Factory are the options offered by CCI Support Services to meet any SLA requirement.