Achieving Peak Performance at the Edge Whitepaper

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A New Paradigm

To improve user experiences and business outcomes, edge computing shifts some of the computational, data storage and analytics tasks out of traditional centralized data centers and off of the cloud to place them close to where data is actually being collected.

Your Solution, Your Edge  

Every software and SaaS vendor deploys to the edge in its own unique way, but the overall concept of moving computing power out of the data center and into the field introduces common geographical, physical, technological and logistical challenges. To “bring the code closer to the data” and then process the data at the edge is tough, whether it’s happening in a utility closet, a car, a blood pressure cuff, a factory robot, a traffic light, a power pylon or a drone flying over a cornfield.

CCIntegration has been addressing integration challenges for 30 years, providing consistent, high-quality integrated systems in the data center and at the edge and acting as the hardware engineering and logistics extension of some of the world’s most successful software and SaaS companies. To learn all the unique ways that working with CCI can help your business, we invite you to download our latest whitepaper and start a conversation with us today.