COVID-19 Help Center

Success Under Any Circumstances

Our home of San Jose, California was one of the first to implement a strict lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For us to remain open, our customers had to be designated as an “Essential Businesses”. When the majority of them qualified for this waiver, CCI went to work meeting their needs despite global uncertainty. To accomplish this, we ensured the company followed all CDC guidelines, including the provision of PPE for all staff, daily health checks and expansion our operations from 5 to 7 days a week to limit the number of production people in our factory.

Our motto is We Make It Happen, and never before have we worked harder, together, to fulfill that promise for our customers. Fortunately, the way CCI operates as a company is already tailored towards success under any circumstances. To counter supply chain disruption, we have inventory positioned around the world and an option to use off-the-shelf OEM supplies. We also have unmatched expertise in global logistics and are used to working with ever-changing international customs procedures to get product where it needs to be. Simply put, people can expect the flexibility, agility and responsiveness they need — right now and in the future — when they work with CCI.

Today, we’re constantly monitoring our operations to ensure we are up-to-date on safety procedures. Not only have our customers been thrilled with our continuing service, but our business is even slightly up this year. We thank our both our customers and our valued team here at CCI for pulling together to thrive under difficult circumstances.

If you have supply chain or other COVID-related concerns, please contact one of our customer care specialists for a conversation about your needs.