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Refurbished and Reused Equipment Support

Evaluation Systems (often referred to as Try/Buy) are common programs implemented by our customers to generate sales. A majority of customers who engage a trial evaluation system buy the product, but a number of them return the system to the manufacturer. CCI understands this inventory is an investment made by our OEM customers and we treat this asset with great care through our Evaluation Pool Management program.

Process elements:

  • Facilitate outbound shipment of evaluation systems to customers
  • Manage the return of this equipment from the customer
  • Inspect returned product for cosmetic defects, missing parts
  • Perform data wipe of storage (remove customer specific data)
  • Re-Image product
  • Replace any missing elements not returned by previous customer
  • Re-Package product with new packing materials
  • Return to customer owned inventory and ready for shipment

CCI can also handle the disposal of these evaluation systems once they have fulfilled their useful life-cycle.