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Customer Product Visibility and Control

Our customer web portal provides online visibility and control of your business through a variety of robust tools, reports, and data. This secure portal reports status of inventory, tracks orders and shipments, manages forecasts, and produces reports to support your business. Many customers use the portal as their primary access to information and the status of products and orders.

Status Tracking and Forecasting

The portal shows the status of current shippable products, finished goods, and Work In Progress (WIP) by location—enabling customers to plan and execute location-based distribution. Having this information at your disposal allows you to respond to sales demands in a more timely manner. If forecasts increase as your business grows, then this ability to align your forecast with WIP and finished goods allows you to anticipate changing market demands. Greater agility equals greater profits.

Robust Reports

The portal offers multiple ways to view your business information. You can view information by Purchase Order (PO), ship date, or serial number. You can request and generate reports to be automatically produced at certain intervals. Customer reports—both dynamic (interactive) and static—include information on RMAs, open orders, WIP, shipments, and evaluation equipment.