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CCIntegration is a Dell OEM Titanium Partner. Our company has been doing business with Dell OEM for 15+ years and they are our most strategic partner.

Key ingredients to Dell OEM’s success in the market and with our customers are based on the following elements:

  • Design
    Products are design by Dell Product Teams. Fully vetted and qualified with all pertinent content that delivers the highest quality in the marketplace.
  • Branding
    Dell has provided product SKU’s on ALL their PowerEdge servers that allow our customers to brand the system (Bezel) and Packaging (Box). Splash screens and LCD’s (located on the servers) can also be customer branded.
  • Compliance
    Dell’s product certifications cover all the major countries. A custom design would require additional engineering fees (NRE) to test and validate to for your target market regions.
  • Support
    Dell’s ProSupport offers clients a seamless, easy to use support organization to assure onsite break-fix repairs of any failed system/component. White box designs require parts logistics and 3rd party onsite technicians to deliver the same type of support. These costs are significant when compared to Dell’s offering. Dell support is purchased with each product and is offers clients several flexible offerings depending on their customer SLA’s.
  • Life Cycle
    Products are offered with roughly 3yr product life cycles at launch. This is typically more than enough for customers who need to introduce additional technology features to support their changing software requirements. Programs that extend the life cycle of Dell products are also offered if customer requirements dictated life-extention.
  • Brand Protection
    Leveraging Dell’s leading product design, quality and support assures clients that they get the best quality rates in the industry and quick, efficient support when failures to occur.

Next-generation PowerEdge server technologies

Dell PowerEdge servers - OEM Solutions

The 13th generation of Dell PowerEdge servers brings you powerful server solutions to accelerate your business. In our most advanced lineup of rack, tower and shared infrastructure platforms to date, you get peak performance, versatile configurations, and zero-touch deployment while being lifecycle optimized and transition friendly, with our XL Program. All of our OEM products are supported by dedicated OEM-specific services.

Build scalable, adaptable solutions

Create and build on the world’s most manageable servers, inspired by OEM customers. The flexible, adaptable portfolio of PowerEdge servers can be used as modular building blocks to create an agile, future-ready infrastructure for your unique market offerings.

Manage from anywhere with more automation and new access options

Accelerate time-to-production with simplified, at-the-box automated deployment using iDRAC Direct. Improve efficiency and reduce maintenance time with user-defined automation.

Increase performance with scalable, efficient in-server storage

Versatile, powerful in-server storage allows you to accelerate performance with flexible configurations designed to maximize the efficiency of your solutions.

  • New OEM-inspired features — Give global customers what they need with unprecedented storage density and flexibility, multi-PERC (PowerEdge RAID Controller) support in our performance PowerEdge, dual-mode capability throughout PERC solution stacks, reduced complexity for global customers, and improved features and systems management access.
  • More processing power — The Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family gives a boost to virtualized environments and performance-hungry business applications.
  • High-capacity, low-power memory — DDR4 memory technology accelerates your solutions.
  • Scalable, efficient local storage — Wide range of in-server storage options enables all-flash configurations, in-box hybrid tiered solutions and low-cost dense-capacity platforms, matching server-based storage with application requirements for best performance and value.
  • Simplified, intelligent management — Accelerate time-to-production with simplified at-the-box management, automate deployment and updates, and improve efficiency with user-defined automation to reduce maintenance time and eliminate repetitive tasks.
  • Energy efficiency — Innovative power and cooling technologies such as Dell Fresh Air 2.0 allow data centers to run at constant temperatures of up to 40°C/104°F, reducing cooling demands and enabling significant operational cost savings.
  • Lifecycle optimization — The Dell OEM XL program offers enhanced predictability around hardware configurations so you can better control resources and manage your product lifecycles.

Dell Standard vs OEM ready

Dell OEM Ready PowerEdge servers are Dell PowerEdge servers but with the following flexible differences:

  • Front system is customizable. Custom logos and color options are available to meet your branding requirements.
  • The system is packaged in an OEM ready Box (no Dell Logo). Providing the ability to continue your branding elements to the packaging
  • Splash BIOS can be modified with your company name.
  • Embedded Long Life Intel processors are offered
  • Extended Life Systems are made available through Dell OEM’s XL program.
Dell OEM Ready PowerEdge servers - Blades
Dell OEM Ready PowerEdge servers
Dell OEM and Standard comparison chart

Dell OEM ready rackmount Servers

Dell OEM ready rackmount Servers comparison chartDell OEM ready rackmount Servers - comparison chart

Dell OEM ready Tower Servers

Dell OEM ready Tower Servers - comparison chart

CCI Branding Options

Dell OEM provides its integration partners with a logo-less bezel. CCI can order the bezel in a few select colors or customer paint the bezel to your specifications. Your company logo is designed into the bezel faceplate in a variety of options (round, oval or rectangular).

Dell OEM ready servers - branding options - yellow
Dell OEM ready servers - branding options - blue
Dell OEM ready servers - branding options - red

Dell OEM also provides unbranded packaging (box). This allows CCI to extend your branding (Logo) to the packaging as well.

Dell XL Program

The Dell XL program is offered on a number of Dell PowerEdge OEM Ready servers. The XL program provides Extended Life and Controlled product changes to the configuration. Customers are offered up to an additional year of product availability once a next generation product is released and information is provided quarterly on the platform to assure any changes that are planned do not affect your software application performance.

Dell PowerEdge OEM Ready servers - Dell XL program

The Dell products that are offered in -XL extensions include: R230XL, R330XL, R630XL, R730XL and R730XD XL.

Qualifying your Software application

There are several methods of validating your software application on Dell hardware. If you have identified a product that meets your price performance needs then CCI can provide you a Dell Platform (free of charge) to test, validate and create your software image.

If you are unsure of the performance you require and would like to test a range of products to optimize your price/performance, then CCI recommends you utilize one of Dell’s solution centers that are available globally. CCI would work with Dell to make sure the products and key component elements are available in the solution centers and time is scheduled with your software team. When you arrive, a Dell SE will work with you to test a variety of options to assure you design the product that best meets you market requirements.

Global Support and Certifications

Global support and certifications are one of the key reasons customers select Dell OEM as their partner. When you buy a Dell product the service you purchase is available on a global basis, no additional costs just because you ship your product to different regions around the globe.

Dell OEM Global Support and Certifications chart

Global Integration and Fulfillment

CCI is an expert in global fulfillment. Our company understands what is necessary to get product to its destination. CCI handles your export paperwork to assure the product will ship error free and meet the customs requirements of the destination country.

CCI offers two integration centers for our Dell OEM customers: San Jose, CA and Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Engagement Models

Dell OEM is offered in our OEM and VOEM engagement models. OEM engagements are turn-key outsourcing models where the ISV is our customer. VOEM engagements are offered to clients who want to provide their customers with an appliance model without having to place orders for the systems. CCI deals directly with your Resellers/End-Users on providing a certified appliance. Please review our engagement model section for more information.